What exactly is hardest30?

It’s a training based on intervalls and involving your whole body.

Why is it named hardest30?

Because it’s the most effective and hardest training you can get in 30 minutes.

Only 30 Minutes? Is that really enough?

Yes it is. We are going to train at everybody’s limit with very short breaks. There are several studies showing that this kind of training are way more effective than 90 minutes of running.
Moreover I know that leisure time is short. This was one reason why i wanted to offer a training with the same or even better results in less time. That’s why it’s also the perfect training to do during lunch break.

Which goals is hardest30 chasing?

There are 3 main goals: becoming fitter by improving cardiovascular system, getting stronger to prevent injuries and posture problems which can cause back pain and thirdly to relax and forget about all the stress for 30 minutes.

I am not very sporty. Am I able to join the class as a beginner?

The name might suggest otherwise. The answer is clearly “yes”. All exercises are shown in different levels of difficulty or can be adapted.

Do you have more questions?

Further information such as regsitration, timetable, prices can be found on this page. Also helpful is the facebook page, where you get more infos. Otherwise you can also Contact me


Days Time
Monday 12.15-12.45, 17.15-17.45, 19.45-20.15
Tuesday 09.45-10.15
Wednesday 12.15-12.45, 17.35-18.05
Thursday 10.15-10.45, 18.45-19.15
Friday 12.15-12.45
Saturday 10.00-10.30
More Trainings coming soon!


Marc Sonderegger

Occupation: Owner of Personalworkout, Teacher

Education: Master of Sport Science; Several Trainer Diplomas

Sporting Background: Streethockey Swiss Champion, Swiss National Team

Hobbies: Strength Training, Kitesurfing, Cycling, Biking

Slogan: Go hard or go home

Mail: info@personalworkout.ch

Tel: +41 76 572 14 04

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